Bavaria (Netherlands)

Bavaria's Beer

Bavaria's beers consist of a special blend. This consists of a strong focus on quality, the desire to innovate and the firm conviction that pilsner can bring people together. The Bavaria's family business stands for 300 years of craftsmanship and authenticity. It is this unique blend that makes Bavaria the brand it is today.


History of Bavaria

What started 300 years in a small farmhouse in Lieshout. has developed into a succesful international family business. This succes is partly due to the switch from high-fermentation to low-fermentation beer in 1925, their natural mineral water and their own malt house. This has led to an in-house audit of the entire chain.


Available for UK market

Bavaria 0.0

A 100% non-alcoholic pilsner that undergoes an exceptional brewing process and has an authentic and unmistakable beer flavour. The natural sweetness of the malt beautifully balances the bitter tones of the beer.


Bavaria 0.0% Original has a distinct beer flavour: malt and sweet of the various types of malt used. The aroma is slightly hop-like, malty and fruity. The aftertaste is a smooth malty sweetness and pleasant bitterness. Bavaria 0.0% has a strong bite in the aftertaste, without alcohol. Brewed with the best ingredients and natural mineral water from Bavaria’s own spring.


0.0% ABV

24x330ml Bottles