Rodenbach (Belgium)

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Brewery Rodenbach

The Rodenbach brewery is an unforgettable experience. It is home to passionate beer masters who are committed to the perfect taste of the famous 'Flemish red-brown beer'. They work on their own unique recipes and brew exceptional mixed-fermentation beer in 294 oak barrels. This creates beers with a refreshing and intense taste that you would not expect. Cheers to the unexpected!


Rodenbach's History

The Rodenbach family is a unique family with a rich history. Their ancestors participated in Napoleon's campaign in Russia and wrote the Belgian national anthem. They founded the Rodenbach brewery in 1821 and they are known for their entrepreneurship and their own vision of the quality and character of beer. The family itself has developed a special aging process for Rodenbach, including 294 large oak barrels that can still be seen in the aging room and that are now part of our industrial heritage.


Available for UK market

Rodenbach Classic

Rodenbach Classic

An authentic Belgian sour which offers 
pure refreshment.

5.2% ABV
24x250ml Bottles


Rodenbach Grand Cru

A beer that is a pronounced version of 
the “Flanders Red-Brown Beer” style. 

6% ABV
24x330ml Bottles