CORNET (Belgium)

Brewery de Hoorn (Cornet)

Exceptional beers don't just happen; they are the result of creative craftsmanship and the passion to keep innovating. For this reason, the Palm brewery has decided to establish a new microbrewery called De Hoorn. In this brewery, our beer masters experiment with herbs, hops, fruit and wood to develop new and unique flavours. They try out new combinations of yeast, hops and maturing techniques, with the test brews being around 1,000 litres, the same volume as the old brewing installation.


The knights of good taste

Cornet is a specialty beer associated with the Knights of Good Taste. The beer is named after Theodoor Cornet, the steward of Diepensteyn Castle. The lord of the castle, who was descended from Knight Salomon de Maldeghem, asked Theodoor Cornet to brew a strong beer. This created an oaked, heavy blond beer with a subtle hint of vanilla. To obtain this vanilla taste, the beer was originally kept in oak barrels. Later this taste was imitated by adding oak chips to the beer brew. The World Beer Awards have awarded Cornet several times in recent years.


Available for UK market

Cornet Oaked

The Cornet Oaked is a powerful blond beer, brewed with a high fermentation and refermentation in the bottle. This means that the beer continues to evolve and amture in the bottle, giving it a unique taste and character. 


The taste of the Cornet Oaked is full and warm, with a unique hint of vanilla obtained by adding oak chips during the brewing process. This creates a complex and deep flavor that develops and intensifies as the beer matures.


The finish of this beer is long and subtly bitter, making it perfect to enjoy as an aperitif or with a hearty dish. This beer is not only delicious to drink, but also a visual spectacle with its golden color and full foam head.


8.5% ABV

24x330ml Bottles

20L Return Keg