Fruitage by Rodenbach (Belgium)

Rodenbach FruitAge is a blend of aged ale, young ale and 7% cherries, which gives it its sweet-sourness and fruity notes. Pure refreshment. Flavoured by adding ice cubes, a slice of lime and mint: the perfect cocktail! - Rudi Ghequire, brewmaster

Why Choose Fruitage by Rodenbach

- Unique Perfect Serve (ice cubes, a slice of lime and mint!)

- 100% Natural Ingredients

- Refreshing Fruit Beer

- Fruit Cider Alternative

- Low Calorie Beer

- Supportive POS Kit

- Fantastic Margin!

Available for UK market

Fruitage by Rodenbach

Fruitage by Rodenbach is a delicious fresh fruit beer brewed with 100% natural ingredients. Poured into a glass and served with ice cubes, a slice of lime and a mint leaf.


A real thirst quencher of 3.9% alcohol, brewed with without artificial additives.


3.9% ABV

24x250ml Bottles

20L Return Keg