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About Uiltje Brewing Company

At Uiltje Brewing Company in Haarlem, 27 employees all work with one goal in mind: to entertain people and offer a moment of relaxation in a chaotic and stressful world. The brewery has already won several national and international awards and has been included in the Top 100 Best Brewers in the World of the beer platform RateBeer for the second time. In addition to the beer world, the brewery is also known for its striking labels, which are illustrated by Gerben Valkema, winner of the Stripschapprijs in 2021.


Uiltje beer
Uiltje Brewing Company

History of Uiltje of Brewing Company

Uiltje Brewing Company is a Dutch brewery that specializes in brewing unique beers. The company, originally founded as ‘Het Uiltje’ in 2012, is known for its experimental approach in compiling the range. The brewery has put itself on the map internationally through the many IPAs (India Pale Ales) and barrel aged beers it has released, and benefits from the increasing popularity of special beers at home and abroad. Uiltje Brewing Company started as a contract brewery in Haarlem, but thanks to a successful crowdfunding in 2016, it now has its own brewing installation. In 2020, the brewery produced 10 thousand hectoliters of beer.

Available for UK market

Bird of Prey

Uiltje Bird of Prey

A refreshing IPA - citrus, tropical, subtly 
bitter, fruit explosion.

5.8% ABV
12x330ml Cans

20L Return Keg

Trackdown Uiltje

Uiltje Juicy Lucy

A New England IPA full of extraordinary 
fruity flavours.

5.5% ABV
12x330ml Cans

20L Return Keg

Dr. Raptor Uiltje

Uiltje Bird of Prey 0.2%

Tropical fruit, citrus, non alcoholic IPA 
with a hoppy Uiltje punch.

0.2% ABV
12x330ml Cans