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Belgian Craft Beer Brands

Rodenbach, Roeselare

Rodenbach is the kind of brewery that leaves a lasting impression. Here passionate beer masters ensure the perfect flavour of the famous 'Flemish red-brown ale'. Using their own unique recipes they brew exceptional beer from mixed fermentation in 294 oak casks. The result being beers that are slightly different to what you expect. Refreshing and intense. Cheers to the unexpected!

Fruitage by Rodenbach
A delicious fresh fruit beer brewed with 100% natural ingredients.


3.9% ABV
24x250ml Bottles

20L Return Keg

Rodenbach Classic
An authentic Belgian sour which offers pure refreshment.



5.2% ABV

24x250ml Bottles

Rodenbach Grand Cru
A beer that is a pronounced version of the “Flanders Red-Brown Beer” style.

6% ABV

24x330ml Bottles

De Hoorn, Steenhuffel

Exceptional beers don’t just happen. They are born out of creative craftsmanship. With a passion for continued innovation, Brewery Palm has built a new microbrewery: De Hoorn. With great enthusiasm our beer masters experiment with herbs, hops, fruit and wood. They test new combinations of yeast, hops and ways to mature the beer. The test brews produce approx. 1,000 litres which is the exact volume of the earliest brewing installation.

Estaminet Refined Lager beer

Estaminet Refined Lager
A genuine Belgian refined lager, a refreshing bottom-fermentation lager.

5.2% ABV

24x330ml Cans

20L/50L Return Keg

Cornet Oaked

A strong blond Belgian beer, flavoured by adding oak chips during brewing.

8.5% ABV
24x330ml Bottles

20L Return Keg


De Hoorn (Palm), Steenhuffel

For over 250 years, Brewery Palm has been producing an exceptional collection of quality beers with rich flavors and tastes through the use of both top-fermentation and bottom-fermentation methods. Their beer masters possess extensive knowledge of herbs, hops, fruit, and wood, and work tirelessly with great passion using unique recipes to create an authentic and unparalleled taste experience. Day in and day out, they strive to craft distinctive and genuine beers that satisfy the taste buds of beer lovers. 

Palm Belgian Amber Ale
A refreshing Belgian amber beer with a unique, characterful taste.

5.2% ABV
24x330ml Bottles

20L Return Keg

Dutch Craft Beer Brands

De Koningshoeven - La Trappe

The subtle aroma of hops, yeast, and malt permeates the area around the Abbey of Our Lady of Beer Brewery De Koningshoeven, where Trappist beer has been brewed under the watchful eye of Trappist monks since 1884. The brewing process is carried out in silence and utilizes only natural ingredients, resulting in a sustainable and socially responsible product that is rooted in the monks' deep-seated beliefs.

La Trappe Blond 
A golden yellow Trappist beer with a white foam head adds a rich taste.


6.5% ABV
24x330ml Bottles

20L Return Keg

La Trappe Dubbel 
Classic dark brown Trappist beer with an ivory-coloured head.


7% ABV
24x330ml Bottles

La Trappe Tripel 
Classic and powerful Trappist beer. Golden blond with a white foam head.

8% ABV
24x330ml Bottles

La Trappe Quadrupel
Characterful Trappist beer and namesake of this beer style.

10% ABV

24x330ml Bottles

Uiltje (EL-CHA)

The team at Uiltje Brewing Company, based in Haarlem, is driven by a singular mission: to provide a moment of entertainment and respite in a world that can be overwhelming and stressful. Their dedication to crafting exceptional beer has earned them numerous national and international accolades, including a spot on the prestigious Top 100 Best Brewers in the World list by beer platform RateBeer, for the second time. Beyond the realm of beer, Uiltje is also renowned for their distinctive labels illustrated by Gerben Valkema, who was recently awarded the 2021 Stripschapprijs, a coveted prize for comic strip artists. 

Bird of Prey
A refreshing IPA - citrus, tropical, subtly bitter, fruit explosion.

5.8% ABV

12x330ml Cans

20L Return Keg

A New England IPA full of extraordinary fruity flavours. 


5.5% ABV
12x330ml Cans

20L Return Keg

Dr. Raptor
A classic style double IPA - Full body, citrus peel, sweet bitterness.

8.2% ABV

12x330ml Cans



Tropical fruit, citrus, non alcoholic IPA with a hoppy Uiltje punch.

0.2% ABV

12x330ml Cans



De Molen

The brewers at the innovative Brewery De Molen constantly strive to brew something exceptional and out of the ordinary, aiming to create a beer that is truly "off the charts." This dedication to experimentation leads to the production of numerous new beers, with a new creation brewed every six weeks that has never been attempted before and may never be repeated. These unique brews are crafted in collaboration with other top craft beer breweries in Scandinavia and Belgium, or at their own facility. This commitment to innovation and quality has garnered international recognition, with the brewery achieving an impressive sixth place ranking worldwide in the 2017 RateBeerBest ranking. 

Vuur & Vlam
A over-the-top hopped beer - not too bitter or grassy in taste.

6.2% ABV
24x330ml Bottles

Op & Top
A hoppy Pale Ale. A beer to

replace your ‘all evening’ lager.


4.5% ABV
24x330ml Bottles

Water & Vuur
A nicely balanced cloudy NEIPA with a good citrus aftertaste.


6% ABV

24x330ml Bottles

Heen & Weer
A wonderfully balanced, yet unusual Belgian Tripel.


9% ABV
24x330ml Bottles

Bavaria, Lieshout

Established in 1719, Brewery Bavaria holds the distinction of being one of the oldest breweries in the Netherlands. Originally known as Brewery 'De Kerkdijk', the Moorees family brewed small-batch craft beer on the premises. After one of the daughters married a Swinkels, their family assumed ownership of the brewery in 1764. From that point on, the Swinkels name has been inextricably intertwined with the brewery's rich history and continued success.

Bavaria 0.0
Offers a distinct beer character: with a slightly hop-like malt aroma.

0.0% ABV
24x330ml Bottles