Why us

Why Swinkels Family Brewers UK?

We are more than just a UK distributor of our beers. As our name says, we are a family. We believe that just offering great tasting beer is just 1 vital part of our business. Beer is about discovery and creating a genuine experience. 


We have a portfolio of timeless, authentic, world-class beers with many different styles. We want to offer consumers the right beer for every occasion and have them enjoy it. This is why we offer so much more than just the beer liquid itself...

Staff Training / Perfect Serve

We know how important it is for staff to be fully trained when serving and talking to customers. Educated staff means higher revenue for your venue!!


Instead of just signing you up as a customer and delivering our beers and leaving, we help to teach and educate your staff! We offer staff tasting sessions where all members of the team get to taste learn and serve our beers. This means that they are fully equipped to recommend and pour our beers in the perfect way. Meaning more of your customers get to taste incredible beer with fantastic perfect serve.

Tastings / In house events

Are you closed on a Monday evening? Looking to bring in more customers on a quiet night?


Why not let us help to fill your venue by hosting a beer-tasting event... nothing helps to bring a brand to life more than an interactive beer tasting night!


We've hosted a large number of tasting events, big and small! Whether it's just to taste a couple of our beers, or to taste the full Swinkels range, we can get this organised.

Beer Menu/Card Creation

Do you currently just have a standard beer and food menu? We can create you a custom beer menu to use within your venue! A mini tasting board can work well to offer your customers the chance to try a range of beers they perhaps wouldn't have ordered before. We can brand these beer menus to match your venue whilst also showing the fantastic Swinkels range!


We can also produce tent cards to be used throughout your venue to help show and educate your customers about our beers. These can be a great conversation starter with your customers to help them on their Swinkels journey.

Food Pairing Advice & Evenings

We live in a world where food is always paired with wines... but why can't food be paired with beer?


Food and beer are the perfect match! We can help bring your menu to life with matching our beers to your current or potential new menu.


Not only does this make for a great conversation to have with new customers, but you can even turn them into food pairing evenings! Bringing in more people on days that are commonly quieter.


We've hosted several food pairing nights at a number of venues which have been a great success for both the venue and the public! For extra experience one of our sales team members Funs is a very keen chef, running his own bar and kitchen back in The Netherlands!

Extensive & Great Tasting Beer Assortment

No beer tastes the same right? So why should you only be able to offer your customers the same mainstream beers that every other venue offers? We have a portfolio of an extensive range of timeless, authentic, world-class beers. All with many different styles and flavours! We want you to be able to offer your customers the right beer for every occasion. From a refined lager all the way through to a red sour ale!


We engage everything we have for this: our people, our resources, our whole heart!

Over 300 Years Of Family Brewing History

Our family business has existed for more than 300 years. That’s over 300 years of family brewing experience that we put into every beer we produce! Now on our 7th generation of Swinkels family members and with more than 1,800 colleagues across the globe, we strive to have the world enjoy our fantastic portfolio of authentic beers!