Kegs for on-trade and wholesale

Beers on draft for On-trade and Wholesale

As a pub, bar or venue owner you'll always be looking to offer your customers the best beer available on draft. Swinkels has a wide range of return beer kegs in its range with a capacity of 20L or 50L. There are several brands available, such as Rodenbach, Cornet, La Trappe, Palm, Estaminet and Uiltje. We will always strive to give you the best price available.


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Our Beer Kegs assortment

Rodenbach FruitAge

A delicious fresh fruit beer brewed with 100% natural ingredients.


3.9% ABV

20L Return Keg

Estaminet Refined Lager

A genuine Belgian refined lager, a refreshing bottom-fermentation lager.


5.2% ABV
20L & 50L Return Kegs

Palm Belgian Amber Ale

A refreshing Belgian amber beer with a unique, characterful taste.


5.2% ABV

20L Return Keg

Cornet Oaked

A strong blond Belgian beer, flavoured by adding oak chips during brewing.


8.5% ABV

20L Return Keg

La Trappe Blond

A golden yellow Trappist beer with a white foam head adds a rich taste.


6.5% ABV

20L Return Keg

Uiltje Bird of Prey

A refreshing IPA -citrus, tropical, subtly bitter, fruit explosion.


5.8% ABV

20L Return Keg

Uiltje Trackdown

A New England IPA full of extraordinary fruity flavours.


5.5% ABV
20L Return Keg

How does a beer keg work?

To be able to tap beer from a keg, carbon dioxide is needed. This gas is stored in a separate carbon dioxide cylinder and fed into the keg via the coupling on the keg. Due to the pressure of the gas, the beer flows through the beer pipe to the tap. It is possible to store the kegs in a refrigerator for chilled beer, but a cooling unit can also be used to keep the beer at room temperature. Replacing a keg is a quick job that takes less than a minute.


Besides the carbon dioxide there is also a keg coupler required. There are different types of couplings for the different beer brands.


Unfortunately, beer has a limited shelf life, just like any other consumer product. After opening a keg, the beer can be kept for 2 to 3 weeks if it is kept refrigerated. At room temperature, the beer can be kept for 3 to 5 days.

Replacing a beer keg

Beer kegs for your business

Making use of beer kegs can be a smart move for your venue. At Swinkels we are ready to advise and support you in choosing and maintaining the right kegs for your business.


Feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss the possibilities with one of our experts.