Estaminet (Belgium)

Estaminet Brewery (De Hoorn)

Top quality beers don't just fall from the sky, but require creative craftsmanship and a passion for innovation. Palm Brewery understands this all too well and has therefore founded a new microbrewery called De Hoorn. Here our beer masters have the opportunity to experiment with various ingredients such as herbs, hops, fruit and wood. They look for new combinations of yeast, hops and innovative ways to mature the beer.


The test brews they make in De Hoorn are approximately 1,000 liters, which corresponds to the content of the very first brewing installation. This revives the ancient craft of brewing beer and combines traditional techniques with modern innovations. De Hoorn offers a unique opportunity for our beer masters to experiment and create, enabling them to produce the most exceptional beers the world has never tasted before.


Refined and high quality beer

At De Hoorn, our specialty beer brewery, we believe that a lager beer should also be special and unique. That is why we have selected only the very best natural ingredients for this beer. We started with pure water from our own sources, used only 100% high-quality malt and chose no less than 4 noble hop varieties. By combining these ingredients with a careful and slow brewing process, our lager beer has become refined and of high quality.

Available for UK market

Estaminet Refined Lager

A genuine Belgian refined lager, a refreshing bottom-fermentation lager.


5.2% ABV

24x330ml Cans

20L/50L Return Keg