De Molen (Netherlands)

Brewery de Molen

Brewery de Molen in Bodegraven is known for its ambitious beer masters, who are constantly looking for new discoveries in the field of smell, taste and ingredients. They are constantly experimenting with new beers and collaborations with other international craft beer breweries. The brewery is known for its progressive styles, like barley wine, stout, porter, IPA and the wood-aged varieties. Thanks to these efforts, the brewery has a constant supply of new beers. Their dedication and creativity have earned them worldwide recognition and they have been in the Top 100 of the best breweries in the world for years, out of a total of 34.000 registered breweries.


The history of Brewery de Molen

Brewmaster Menno Olivier started De Molen brewery in 2004 after twelve years of brewing experience. The brewery is located in the historic windmill 'De Arkduif' on the Oude Rijn in Bodegraven. De Molen has quickly become a leading pioneer in the craft beer revolution, winning gold at the Great British Beer Festival in 2005 with their stout. This was a style that was hardly brewed in the Netherlands until then. Today, De Molen's tasting room, restaurant and beer shop are located in the windmill. 


Available for UK market

Vuur & Vlam

A over-the-top hopped beer - not too 
bitter or grassy in taste.

6.2% ABV
24x330ml Bottles

Water & Vuur

A nicely balanced cloudy NEIPA with a 
good citrus aftertaste.

6% ABV
24x330ml Bottles

Op & Top

A hoppy Pale Ale. A beer to
replace your ‘all evening’ lager.


4.5% ABV
24x330ml Bottles

Heen & Weer

A wonderfully balanced, yet unusual 
Belgian Tripel.

9% ABV
24x330ml Bottles