Direct Customer

Becoming a customer

We offer a simple process to enquiring and becoming a direct customer. Some suppliers will make you jump through 50 steps just to get an account made, but we offer a super easy 4 step process.


No matter how big or small your venue may be, we can supply you with our beers. From the complete range to only taking 1 beer on draft. We have the structure and team in place to be able to support you from the initial installation all the way to training your staff about our beers.

Step 1

Get in touch with us and enjoy a tasting session with one of our sales team and check out the range of samples to your venue and complete a tasting with either yourself or the whole team!

Step 2

All parties are happy with moving forward? You become a customer... it's that easy! Fill in some details and you are ready to go.

Step 3

Now you are all set to go. Place any orders through your account manager or log onto our website to place any orders you need.

Step 4

Delivery time! We aim to deliver within 1 week.

Wholesalers We Work With

We currently have a direct relationship with a number of UK wholesalers. This means if you currently order your beer and drinks through a wholesaler, you can still order our beers!


If your current wholesaler is not listed, not a problem. Either let us know who your wholesaler is and we can get in contact with them, or we can deliver our beers directly to your venue through our own logistics team.

Our Services

We are more than just a UK distributor of our beers. As are name says, we are a family. We believe that just offering great tasting beer is just 1 vital part of our business. Beer is about discovery and creating a genuine experience. Our beer is for everyone, not just the adventurous and curious drinker. That's why we offer a whole catalogue of services to any venue that takes our beers.


We have a portfolio of timeless, authentic, world-class beers with many different styles. We want to offer consumers the right beer for every occasion and have them enjoy it. We engage everything we have for this: our people, our resources, our whole heart!



The 3 very simple steps to our services

1. Instalments:

Completed by our partners onsite.


2. Delivery:

Whether it's directly from Swinkels or using a wholesaler, we deliver our beers directly to your venue.


3. POS:

We provide free perfect serve POS for all our brands (glassware, coasters, and lenses).